Eggplant pie €8

served on a cream of "San Marzano" tomatoes and Parmesan cheese



      Culatta di Castrignano €15  

cold cut served with strawberries jam and "Pecorino di Pienza"  cheese



     Grilled provola cheese €10

    served with "Lambrusco" wine sauce and origan



   Tartar of fassona €15

served with salad, caramelized "Tropea's" onion and capers




First dishes


       "Mezzelune al basilico"  €10

homemade basil ravioli with ricotta cheese served on tomatoes cream


         "Lasagna"   €10

typical handmade pasta with "Fontina" soft cheese and zucchini


    "Passatelli al tartufo" €18

homemade pasta served on cream of Parmesan cheese and truffle


    "Tagliatelle all’uovo" €12
homemade fresh egg pasta with "Culatello" meat sauce


    "Tortelli rosa al porro" €10
homemade ravioli served on potatoes cream, with vanilla scent




Second dishes

          Fillet of beef €22       

cooked on the grill

        Fillet of pork €18       

cooked at low temperature with "Gorgonzola DOP" cheese, strawberries and Aceto Balsamico


          Argentinian cube-roll €18       
served with roast potates

Chicken steak €16

with seasoned "Guanciale" meat, flakes of Parmesan cheese and tasty mayonnaise


 "Guanciale" cooked with "Lambrusco" wine  €16


Gnocco e tigelle €15    

typical italian dish, served with mixed cold cuts, Parmigiano reggiano cheese and "lardo"



To add:


    "Stracchino" soft cheese €3



     Mix of cheese €6

Parmigiano reggiano, Pecorino, Taleggio



   Vinaigrette and vegetables €4



     Nutella and jam €3




Grilled vegetables €6


Roasted potatoes  €4


Spinach €5


Salad €5






6. Soy

7. Milk

8. Dried fruit

9. Celery

11. Sesame

12. Sulphites



*Some products may be frozen

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