Emilian cuisine

Our restaurant mainly offers traditional Emilian dishes, proposing the old recipes.

Our chefs, thanks to their creativity and experience, also manage to reinterpret typical dishes in order to always offer new combinations of scents and flavors.

Let the staff advise you on the most suitable bottle of wine to accompany your meal, we have wines from all regions of Italy.


Capital of Taste

Our cuisine is the protagonist in the international role that our province has conquered in culinary tourism. In fact, for some years now Modena has been considered the city where we eat best in the world, thanks to the traditional products of our land, such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Balsamic Vinegar, Prosciutto and Lambrusco. The local culinary tradition has always known how to make the best use of the resources of our fields and ancient cellars, giving life to dishes that are now appreciated all over the world, such as tortellini, fried dumplings and tigelle, tortelloni, zampone , lasagna...


Via Nazionale, 23 Maranello 42053 (MO)

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